nlprint(object, stream=None)

Print an ASCII representation of the object to the stream pointed to by stream. A typical usage is to store the data as an ASCII file and then use a third party application for generating a visualization of the data.

  • object (QuantumATK object) – The object whose data should be printed.
  • stream (python stream) – The stream the data should be printed to.
    Default: NLPrintLogger()

Usage Examples

Print the data of a Bandstructure to the screen

# Set up a bandstructure object
bandstructure = Bandstructure(bulk_configuration)

Store the data of an ElectronDifferenceDensity in the file grid.dat

# Set up an electron difference density
electron_difference_density = ElectronDifferenceDensity(molecule_configuration)

# Store grid data on disk
f = open('grid.dat', 'w')