class ElementNNTBTable(onsite=None, nn_distance=None, cut_off=None, offsite=None)

Class for representing the slater koster table of a one element nearest neighbor tight binding model.

  • onsite (SlaterKosterOnsiteParameters) – The onsite parameters describing the element.
  • nn_distance (PhysicalQuantity of type length) – The nearest-neighbor distance.
  • cut_off (PhysicalQuantity of type length) – The cut-off distance, outside which matrix elements are zero.
  • offsite (dict) – A dict, where the keys are allowed angular momentum labels for SK models, e.g. "sss", "s1ds", etc. and the values the corresponding matrix elements as PhysicalQuantity objects of type energy.
Returns:The offsite parameters.
Return type:dict
Returns:The onsite parameters.
Return type:dict